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Biztax Alert - Winter 2024

GenAI – a leap forward Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new buzzword at the moment, with business leaders touting its importance and the significant impact it will have on the way we conduct business. The reality is that AI has been around for a while, but in the past few years has taken a great […]

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Biztax Alert - Summer 2023

Business Payment Practices Act The Business Payment Practices Act 2023 (‘the Act’) was enacted on 26 July 2023. It will require certain entities (‘reporting entities’) to publicly disclose specific information about their payment practices. Making up over 97% of all businesses in New Zealand, small businesses often do not have the financial resources or market […]

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Biztax Alert - Spring 2023

Tax ourselves out of recession? The buoyant covid subsidy funded days are behind us, New Zealand has entered a ‘technical’ recession. This was reinforced by the recent announcement that New Zealand’s corporate tax paid was almost 11% down in the 11 months to May relative to Government expectations. A drop in the corporate tax take […]

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Biztax Alert - Winter 2023

FBT on motor vehicles refresher Calculating Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) on motor vehicles can be complex, due to the various permutations that can exist depending on the use of the vehicle, its type and the approach adopted by the employer. As a result, it is very common for businesses to get the calculation wrong. As […]

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Biztax Alert - Autumn 2023

Labour shortages A new year’s resolution to grow your business is likely to require growing your team. It’s fair to say that the labour market is tight at the moment and seems to be getting tighter with each passing month. Recruitment for staff is taking much longer, with a reduction in both the number and […]

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BIZTAX ALERT - Summer 2022

Retained earnings and imputation credits A company is sometimes referred to as an interim taxing vehicle because the income of a company is first taxed when derived, but then taxed again when distributed to its shareholders. The benefit of the tax paid by a company is captured as imputation credits and able to be attached […]

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BIZTAX ALERT - Autumn 2022

Short process rulings It is inevitable that at some stage a person will undertake a transaction where the applicable tax treatment is complex or unclear. This could be due to a complex factual scenario, new legislation, new Inland Revenue commentary, or the existence of complex or poorly drafted legislation. An option to mitigate risk and […]

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Government addresses housing affordability

On the 23rd March 2021 the Government announced that it would make a number of changes to the taxation of residential property to address the issue of increasing housing un- affordability. Legislation has been enacted implementing some of the announced changes, whilst the balance are to be consulted upon before further legislation is drafted. Legislated […]

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Provisional Tax – what if you get it wrong?

You are probably aware that Inland Revenue allow you until 7 April of the following year to pay the balance of tax owing – just over a year of credit. Further, if your Income Tax liability for the year is under $60,000 IRD do not charge interest on this tax deferral. However, this is subject […]

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Election outcome and tax policies

After Labour’s victory in the 2020 General Election, their proposed tax policy changes are now likely to be implemented. Labour has ruled out a capital gains tax and an increase in fuel taxes but is prepared to introduce a Digital Services Tax to target multinational digital businesses who have taken advantage of tax structuring options. […]

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