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Below is a series of questions frequently asked when meeting new clients. We are happy to talk with you to clarify any questions you may have about working with Biztax.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Biztax provide free initial consultations?

We encourage prospective clients to take advantage of a no cost and obligation free initial meeting. This is a time for you to tell us of your requirements and us to advise how we can assist. However this does not extend to professional advisory meetings which do incur a charge.

Will I save much in accounting fees by doing my own GST returns?

That depends on a number of factors. Where clients do this well it can result in some savings. However, in many cases errors are made and it can be costly to locate and correct these. Often a business owner is better to spend their time improving their “top line’ and allowing us to look after the areas in which we have expertise.

How are your fees calculated?

At Biztax we believe that the traditional method of charging based on time involved is the fairest in most situations. We are happy to provide upfront fee estimates so there will be no nasty surprises.

If I use Biztax as my accountant will I get to deal with the same person each time?

Being a small firm we understand that most clients value a personal professional relationship - and this is what we strive to provide. While we cannot promise your favourite team member will never move on, where possible we assign our work to provide consistency in client/accountant contact.

What is the best way to minimise my accounting fees?

In short - provide excellent records. However, there are too many variables to cover in this forum. We suggest you discuss this with one of our team - and there is no charge for this advice.

If I use your services will I still need to deal with IRD?

At BizTax, for the types of taxes clients ask us to look after, we handle all the interaction with IRD. The exception is where arrangements for return filing or tax payments are not adhered to. In these circumstances IRD may bypass us and contact taxpayers directly.

Can you provide finance for services?

We prefer that clients discuss this upfront. We can offer various payment options to suit the cash flow of client's businesses.

Are your people mobile - will they come and visit us at our premises?

We are flexible about this. It is most efficient for us to process work at our offices in Hamilton. However, we like to take an interest in clients’ businesses and visiting their premises is a great way to gain a greater understanding. So meetings can be at your place or ours.

Do you offer a “no tax refund - no fee payment option”?

Absolutely not. The time involved in an assignment bears no relationship to the resulting tax to pay or refund. Further such an arrangement is viewed in our profession as being unethical.

What is the meaning of the word “Chartered” in front of Accountants?

This means that we are members of the Chartered Accountants Australia + New Zealand. As such our clients can be sure we are appropriately qualified (both initially and on an ongoing basis) and meet certain standards in our work.

Do you provide a menu of services and fees to select from?

No. In line with our “accounting for people” mantra we consider each client engagement is unique. We are happy though to suggest the services we think will be of value to you and provide an estimate of the cost of these.

Terms of Service


As is expected of a professional organisation, your communications with us are of the utmost confidentiality. Our team are committed to ensuring information supplied to us is only used for the purposes authorised.

We ask that clients please assist in maintaining this confidentiality by ensuring all your contact details we hold are kept current.


Care is taken to ensure the information provided on this website is accurate. However it is of a general nature and should not take the place of advice tailored to a specific situation. Accordingly BizTax cannot accept any responsibility to any party arising from any inaccuracies or omissions in the website content.

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At Biztax we have the expertise and experience to deal with, and advise on, most business ownership options and their accounting and tax implications.

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